Windscreens are stylish additions to any outdoor patio, deck, or pool. Not only do they create a conversation piece, but they function to prevent wind and sound from an area without compromising your view. You can also use windscreens as a privacy screen using various coloured or patterned glass options. Frosted glass offered a classy touch to any outdoor space.

At Classic Glass & Mirror, we don’t want you to compromise visual appeal for safety. Tempered glass, also known as safety glass, is three to four times stronger than non-tempered glass. If broken, tempered glass fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces that are less likely to cause injury. All of our windscreens are safety tempered.

Choose from a variety of attractive colours or patterns for our outdoor space; we can also match any colour to ensure your glass suits your current home décor. We cut, polish, fabricate, and temper all of our glass panel windscreens in-house to ensure you receive a top quality product quickly and conveniently.

We take pride in our top quality products, and our installed windscreens are backed with a 1 year service
warranty and a 3 year manufacturer warranty. Whichever style of windscreen you choose, you can always trust our top quality and dependable craftsmanship.

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