Including a water closet inside a bathroom is becoming a popular choice in modern renovations. Sectioning off the toilet in a room of its’ own creates privacy and conveys a sense of luxury and style. Classic Glass & Mirror offers a variety of different glass colours, textures, and patterns used for privacy purposes while adding to the décor of your bathroom.

We have the ability to take any colour or pattern glass and sandblast it for privacy purposes. “Sandblasting” is a general term used to describe the act of propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface – we can also sandblast designs into the glass.

Using coloured glass is also a popular choice for water closet doors. Classic Glass & Mirror also has to ability to match any colour on the market today to perfectly compliment your design concept.

Whichever design you choose, have Classic Glass & Mirror install it for you. We take pride in our top quality products and our installed water closets are backed by a 1 year service warranty and a 3 year manufacturer warranty. All of our glass and mirror products are manufactured in-house to ensure our customers receive quality products with professional service and installation.