Classic Glass & Mirror are the shower and tub enclosure specialists. Our company aims to meet all your bathroom renovation needs and utilizes the immaculately designed Zitta bathtub and shower tray line to give your bathroom a sleek and modern style. In addition to your custom glass shower enclosure from Classic Glass & Mirror, select from a wide range of Zitta bathtubs to make your bathroom stand out.

Les Produits Zitta Inc. from Quebec, specializes in shower trays and bathtubs that will lift your bathroom to the next level. Each shower tray and bathtub is specifically engineered to meet today’s contemporary needs and maximum comfort while putting a modern twist and defying the shapes of traditional bathtubs.

“Zitta believes that each of these moments of relaxation has to be a unique experience. Environmentally conscious, Zitta designs its baths to obtain maximum immersion with a minimum of water usage.”

“Each bathtub corresponds to a style and an environment that will mesh naturally into the décor of your dreams. Made of high quality materials, Zitta bathtubs offer a variety of shapes and sizes that meet the strictest standards in the industry”

Visit our showroom to see all the products Zitta has to offer and allow Classic Glass & Mirror to help you shape the bathroom of your dreams.