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It is plain I cannot mean that what I see is a mile off, or that it is an image or likeness of anything which is a mile off, since that every step I take towards it the appearance alters, and from being obscure, small, and faint, grows large, clear and vigorous. And when I come to the mile's end, that which I saw first is quite lost, neither do I find anything in the likeness of it. Berkeley was describing the highly self-conscious visual field of the scientist and the artist. " However, as the psychologist James Gibson has pointed out, there is an interplay between vision and body knowledge (kinesthesia) that was not recognized by Berkeley.

A brick wall on the north side of a given street was identified as a landmark to the blind because it radiated heat over the total width of the sidewalk. 58 59 60 THE HIDDEN DIMENSION TACTILE SPACE Touch and visual spatial experiences are so interwoven that the two cannot be separated. Think for a moment how young children and infants reach, grasp, fondle, and mouth everything, and how many years are required to train children to subordinate the world of touch to the visual world. Commenting on space perception, the artist Braque distinguished between visual and tactile space thus: "tactile" space separates the viewer from objects while "visual" space separates objects from each other.

Another way of stating this is that man learns while he sees and what he learns influences what he sees. This makes for great adaptability in man and enables him to exploit past experience. If man did not learn as a result of seeing, camouflage, for example, would always be effective and man would be defenseless against well-camouflaged organisms. His capacity to penetrate camouflage demonstrates that he alters perception as a result of learning. In any discussion of vision it is necessary to distinguish between the retinal image and what man perceives.

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