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By Christopher

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FOR extra INFORMATION-666america.com This booklet, exposes the beautiful fact approximately the US and its reference to 666, which the reader will examine, represents not anything greater than funds. the yankee Dream of prosperity is unmasked because the nice engine designed to serve the elite and satisfy their egocentric wants. not just does the e-book provide an easy rationalization of each bankruptcy and verse of Revelation, however it additionally discloses the reality approximately the US, human nature, and the truth of the realm during which we are living. extraordinary but basic factors depart the reader without doubt as to how and why the yankee empire is destroying our surroundings and peace at an alarming fee. realize the capacity through which robust organizations, banks, and governments increase the worldwide empire via “determining the value of goods and human lifestyles” whereas they “acquire riches…leaving the bulk impoverished, unequal and unhappy.” most significantly, an answer of the way we will swap the area is given in plainness.

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These doctors allow slaves to remain well enough to continue working in the fields where they pick the strawberries and milk the cows from which the scarlet fruits are covered with white delight to satisfy the surgeon’s palate. Without something to eat, from where would the doctor get the energy to save lives? How many lives does he save in comparison to how many are saved by the produce of the hardworking fieldworkers? It takes only one doctor to operate on a brain, but ninety-nine migrant workers to assure the harvest doesn’t spoil in the countryside fields.

They would never distrust their father and partake of the fruit of that tree again. Humans have the instinctual ability to know what makes them happy and what does not. This knowledge allows them to make choices, the consequences for which they alone are responsible. With this ability to reason, which has been termed “common sense,” they are able to determine for themselves those things that perpetuate happiness, and those that take away their happiness. In order to fully appreciate and completely understand the difference, no force, no unseen entity, and no advanced being from another galaxy, intervenes to curtail the use of their free agency.

The equation is: (corporate/foundation value) – (human value) = (profit). These entities will not, by choice, devalue themselves; therefore, the only determinant left to be reduced is human value. At length, there are those who awaken from the deep sleep into which they have been lulled by the carnal security provided by their master. By the light of day, they see the hopelessness in reaching the top of the 42 666 The Mark of America, Seat of the Beast chain. They witness others clamoring over each other, dragging each other down in their attempt to reach the top.

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