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By Colin McAdam

ISBN-10: 1616953160

ISBN-13: 9781616953164

Told at the same time from the viewpoint of people and chimpanzees, set in a Vermont domestic and a Florida primate study facility, a stunning Truth—at occasions brutal, different occasions deeply moving—is concerning the uncomplicated truths that go beyond species, the that means of family members, the trap of belonging, and the ability for survival.

A element of this book's proceeds merits store the Chimps, the world's biggest chimpanzee sanctuary.

A robust and haunting meditation on human nature instructed from the twin views of a Vermont relations that has followed a chimp as a surrogate son, and a gaggle of chimpanzees in a Florida study institute.

Looee, a chimp raised via a well-meaning and compassionate human couple who can't conceive a child in their personal, is eternally set aside. He’s no longer human, yet along with his odd upbringing he's not like different chimps. One tragic evening Looee’s natures collide and their designated family members is eternally changed.

At the Girdish Institute in Florida, a gaggle of chimpanzees has been studied for many years. The paintings at Girdish has confirmed that chimps have stories and remedy difficulties, that they could research language and wish neighbors, and they construct complicated cultures. they're political, altruistic, get indignant, and forgive. while Looee is moved to the Institute, he's compelled to attempt to discover a spot of their world.

A appealing fact is an epic and heartfelt tale approximately parenthood, friendship, loneliness, worry and clash, in regards to the issues we carry sacred as people and what kind of we now have in universal with our animal family members. a unique of significant middle and knowledge from a literary grasp, it exposes the yearnings, cruelty, and resilience of all nice apes.

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Glen Lesses argues that these two things, friendship and self- sufficiency, c a n a c c o m m o d a t e o n e a n o t h e r w i t h i n S t o i c t h o u g h t . " 1 0 0 T h u s , n o t o n l y c o u l d a n y m o r a l p e r s o n b e friends with another moral person, " t h e individual and concrete personality of the f r i e n d b e c o m e s r e l a t i v e l y u n i m p o r t a n t for f r i e n d s h i p . 102-107. 98 Epictetus, Diatr. 3. F o r m o r e comparison b e t w e e n t h e Stoics a n d o t h e r G r e e k notions o f friendship, see H u t t e r , Politics as Friendship, 124-25.

A g o o d f r i e n d is o n e w h o offers a i d a n d s u p p o r t , n o m a t t e r w h a t t h e situation. I f g e n e r o s i t y is c a l l e d f o r , h e d o e s h i s p a r t : i f f e a r h a r a s s e s , h e c o m e s t o t h e rescue, shares expenses, helps to p e r s u a d e , bears d o w n opposition: h e is f o r e m o s t i n d e l i g h t i n g h i m w h e n h e is p r o s p e r o u s a n d r a i s i n g h i m u p w h e n h e falls (Mem. 6). I n this sense, X e n o p h o n ' s report concurs with t h e tragic poets' r e q u i r e m e n t t h a t friends b e faithful a n d l o y a l .

Amic. 5 4 C . Earlier authors, such as Aristotle, h o w e v e r , t h o u g h t that emulation 97B. (ffikoc) was virtuous for g o o d p e o p l e should w a n t to possess w o r t h y goods (Rhet. 11). See Christina Viano, " C o m p e t i t i v e E m o t i o n s and Thumos in Aristotle's R h e t o r i c , " Envy, Spite and Jealousy. The Competitive Emotions in Ancient Greece (ed. D a v i d Konstan and N . K e i t h R u t t e r ; E d i n b u r g h Leventis Studies 2; E d i n b u r g h : E d i n b u r g h University Press, 2003) 8 5 - 9 7 .

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