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Dynamic element matching [15] for instance, implements the matching technique presented in section 2 in the time domain instead of in the area domain: The errors of the components are averaged by using different devices at different instants. On the other hand, there are numerous other techniques used in data converters which cannot be applied to other analog circuits because they are specific. Examples of techniques used in ADCs and DACs can be found in [16]. Chapter 2: Autocalibration and compensation techniques 8 21 CLASSIFICATION The techniques presented in this chapter all have their specific application field.

3 for details). In terms of 1/f noise removal, they are both comparable. On the other hand, when a high signal bandwidth is necessary, autozero is much more adapted because it keeps the signal in the baseband instead of modulating it at higher frequencies. The two last columns of table 1 present the characteristics regarding the compensation frequency. If the system is calibrated frequently, all solutions are adapted. If on the other hand the calibration is performed at long time intervals, the autozero using digital compensation circuitry is much easier to implement.

Ctrl & SAR Digital compensation of the offset of an operational amplifier The sign of the offset voltage VO of the amplifier A is detected using a comparator connected to its output. The amplifier has an extra analog offset nulling input Z, which is considered positive1 by convention. It can be a voltage, a current, or another physical quantity, but remains here without unit to keep the presentation as general as possible. The feedback loop between the output of the comparator and the correction input is the digital compensation circuit.

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