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By Michael Lieberman

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He waits by the curb where the ice has cleared. She is a young girl going to the closet, finding her sister has taken the white dress with the ruffles, the hairbrush with the bone handle. She brushes her hair in the empty house with her mother's brush. The knight waits while my mother searches for her white sandals, my father, her parents, her children. Page 9 She is at the window leaning on the cracked sill, looking at her bedroll, precious and soiled, behind the saddle. He offers nothing. My mother turns away, trying to remember what she desires.

Silence on silence is a canvas of black on black stretched on a tympanic membrane the explanation unspoken, waiting for patterns embroidered in light. What we hear with the eyes closed is not what we hear with them open not even in the blackness when the drunks have ceased and sleep has muffled the cars. We waitsure of the promise of light, suspended in this eclipse, the ellipse seared on the jaguar's skin for a view through the hummingbird's wing, in the blur of the wing's white noise. Page 52 The Rim of Morning It is also a fact that if the lizard comes down from his scaffold and the moon begins to rub itself out, dawn will rise from a comma of light.

Page 19 Earth Tones Israel, 1992 The small bones of the hand cannot wait for rain, for weather to erode the flint shale, for stones, scattered on dry ridges, to collect themselves as cairns. They tine and furrow plateaus for wheat, set out melon plants like stars before the sun is high. In some future time archaeologists will say, They were gatherers of stones after they were dispersed and gathered. This was the way they remembered: with metered water, grafted stock, and premixed fertilizer. Before the Turks, before the Crusades, Mohammed ascended from the Temple ruins, the trees already old on the Mount of Olives.

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