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Chap. II, 5 CAPTURE AND LOSS OF ELECTRONS BY a-RAYS He + +. At the highest vacua, however,, a second line revealed, which has suffered a deviation only half as large as that to the deviation of is 33 main line, and which is produced by singly charged a-rays The smaller the velocity of the a-rays, the more distinct is the (He+). He+ line as compared with the He++ line. For the very smallest velociof the an undeviated due to neutral ex-particles (He ). an a-particle can accordingly atoms passage through absorbing take up an occasional electron, and on rare occasions it may even ties there is also In line, its capture a second electron.

Come twice If the scattering of a-rays by light atoms is observed in an intermediate angular range, multiple and single scattering may be equally important. We then speak of 'plural' scattering. The relative magnitude of multiple scattering as compared with single scattering depends on the thickness of the scattering sheet. The scattering of a-particles can also be established by photographic means. e. silver bromide particles that have been struck by a-particles), and some of these show sudden bends, sometimes through large angles.

Cm. corresponds PLATE II 20 (p. 41), of from BaP in Air at 20 cm. Pressure. 0,7 3,2 10 6,4 X W~ 4 cm At FIG. 21 (p. 45). Seattrring of j3 -Rays aft(r passing through Aluminium Foil. Chap. Ill, 3 RANGE OF THE 0-RAYS. /3-RAY SPECTRA 41 and the density of the absorbing material is practically independent of the material. The stopping power of an atom is roughly proportional to the atomic number, but more accurate investigation reveals a periodicity of the stopping power. -rays can also be shown by cloud photographs.

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