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By Joe Wheeler

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How Lincoln's religion formed His Leadership

Undoubtedly the main respected chief in American historical past, Abraham Lincoln has had extra books written approximately him than all ournation's presidents prepare. yet for all that is been written,little has considering his religion and the way this caliber formed the guy who led our kingdom in the course of its such a lot tumultuous years.

Author Joe Wheeler, historian and pupil, brings to the pages of this insightful e-book the data gleaned from over ten years of analysis and greater than sixty books at the lifestyles and instances of Abraham Lincoln. Skillfully weaving his personal narrative with direct fees from Lincoln and poignant excerpts from different Lincoln biographers, Wheeler brings a refreshingly pleasant rendition of Lincoln's lifestyles, religion, and courage.

The tales, historic information, and strong fees at the pages of this booklet will depart a long-lasting impact in your center, your brain, and your existence.

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It was shortly after this that John Hay, Lincoln’s assistant, went into Lincoln’s office when Lincoln was elsewhere and noticed a piece of paper with Lincoln’s writing on it on the desk. Lincoln had never intended any other eyes but his own to see it. Yet when Hay read it, he was so moved that he wrote out a copy for himself and kept it secret until long after Lincoln’s death. It has since become known as “Meditation on the Divine Will,” and is considered to be one of the most profound spiritual documents ever written: The will of God prevails.

But the true miracle is what has happened since. Ordinarily in biographical history, every hero is shown to have offsetting flaws detracting from his or her greatness. But for almost a century and a half now, scholars have hammered away at the Lincoln monolith in an almost desperate search for significant character flaws or fissures. And they have not found them. This is why millions continue thronging the Lincoln trail. Here, parents introduce their children to a real hero as a counterbalance in an age teeming with pseudoheroes.

Consequently, since the land was perceived as both “inexhaustible” and “cheap,” they could with impunity do anything to it they wanted—from neglecting to rotate their crops to chopping down entire forests, from poisoning streams and rivers to damaging beyond recovery irreplaceable natural resources. In the words of Henry Steele Commager: The American rarely expected to stay put and had little interest in building for the future. It was easier to skim the cream off the soil, the forests, the mines….

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