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By Jaye Roycraft

ISBN-10: 1893896749

ISBN-13: 9781893896741

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I have no social life to speak of and no close friends. I rent this house and most of the furnishings. I’ve never lived in any one spot more than three years. My mother is dead and I have no other family nearby. ” He leaned toward her again, his body nudging closer yet to hers. She was painfully aware that his leather-encased left leg was only two inches from her right leg. She dared not touch him, yet she rebelled at backing away. “Oh, I do, mademoiselle. ” So that was it. He had already made his decision.

The censure came across loud and clear. Marya tried to ignore it. ” She gave the man her number, but he neither repeated the number back to her nor gave her any other indication that he was actually writing it down. She refused to let her excitement be dampened. She would wait a day for a return call, and failing receipt of that, would drive out to the farm. However, as it turned out, plan “B” was unnecessary. Jaime returned her call within the hour. “Marya! This is certainly a surprise. ” Happily, Jaime’s voice held none of the subtle rebuke she had heard from the man who had answered her call.

Not with the possibility of a death sentence hanging over her head. So when Jaime had hinted at deepening their relationship, she had backed off. And when he, in his frustration, had laid out an ultimatum, she had ended it. Jaime would accept no halfway measures. It was everything or nothing. He had left her no choice. No. It wasn’t Jaime. It was the vampires who left me no choice. Her anger, so close at hand whenever she thought of the Undead, threatened to spoil her positive mood. She was quick to control it.

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