Alexander The Great: The Invisible Enemy by J M O'Brien PDF

By J M O'Brien

ISBN-10: 0415106176

ISBN-13: 9780415106177

В последние семь лет своей жизни, Александр Великий становился все более и более непредсказуемым, подверженным спорадическим приступам ярости или маниакальной подозрительности не только к врагам, но и друзьям. Эта биография наиболее известного завоевателя древности отличается от других своим детальным анализом психологического развития Александра. В этой книге автор пользуется образным подходом к объекту своего исследования, избрав Диониса - бога вина и амбивалентности, структурой для обсуждения алкоголизма Александра и часто противоречивых черт его индивидуальности.
В своём исследовании автор рассматривает каждую значимую деталь, обсуждает культурные вкусы Александра, его религиозность, родителей, стремления, деяния, страхи, сексуальность и алкоголизм.Образцы сканов:

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102 Heracles was supposed to have traveled beyond the earth’s encircling Ocean in the west, and established the Pillars of Heracles at Gibraltar en route. At the eastern limits of his own odyssey, Alexander ordered the construction of a dozen colossal towers in honor of the Twelve Immortals (see Chapter 4). Thus, he bequeathed a splendid counterpart to the weighty mementos deposited by Heracles at the other end of the world. If I could only be called son to Zeus. (Il. 825–6) The god Dionysus was also counted among the ancestors of Macedonian kings, but his name is absent from Aristotle’s honor roll of the particularly virtuous.

1114) The self-denial, perseverance, and astounding feats of endurance exhibited by Alexander in adulthood were surely developed during this time in an atmosphere of scrutiny and testing, further testing, and then more testing. Long after Alexander had advanced beyond formal instruction, he continued to test himself, and often proved to be his own most rigorous critic. 79 18 ALEXANDER THE GREAT: THE INVISIBLE ENEMY The magnitude of Alexander’s conquests and the exceptional demands he made upon himself are best understood in light of the fierce competitiveness that characterized his early years.

Satyrus goes on to report that Philip, hoping to establish his claim to the Thessalian nation, also married Philinna of Larisa (c. 66 Philip’s marriage to Olympias, the fourth by this count, may also have been inspired more by opportunity than romance. 67 It enabled Philip to avoid entanglement on Macedon’s southwestern frontier and to concentrate his efforts on his drive eastward. 68 Audata had given birth to a daughter, Cynane, and Phila died childless. 8). While Olympias may be the victim of someone’s slander here, there is no question that she was capable of the act.

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