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By Ken Mitchell

ISBN-10: 0732277043

ISBN-13: 9780732277048

ISBN-10: 0732278554

ISBN-13: 9780732278557

Hitlers get away, extraterrestrial beings, Roswell...Global conspiracies. So 1999. yet what should you came upon clues that made you're thinking that in a different way. Clues to whatever which could swap our knowing of recent heritage, with apocalyptic implications for the longer term. How a ways may you cross and and masses could you danger to reveal the reality.

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Normal aircraft, well any that he knew of anyway, couldn’t do that. One of the strange craft flew directly over the superstructure of the ship at an incredible speed, Northwind’s gun turrets spinning wildly to keep up. Another came in so low it was below deck level, and also below the arc of the guns. Some of the crew were leaning over the rails wildly firing rifles at it as it flew past. But it wasn’t hit, and seemed to streak back out of range at phenomenal speed before turning back for another run.

So I repeat, how’d you get them? But Gonad wasn’t going to reveal his secrets tonight. They’re there if you know where to look for them. And how. OK, thought Curtis. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a live hacker online. You know, I could have attacked you with a ’68 Cobra if I’d wanted to. Curtis had to laugh at that. The thought of his medieval armies trying to attack a steel sports car moving several times faster than a horse with only swords and arrows would have been something to see. Glad you went easy on me then!

Weird, man. Curtis logged off and crawled into bed as the dim light from the computer monitor faded to black. As he lay in the darkness he thought about the game. Funny how even winning a computer game was based on the same principles of victory as warfare. Knowledge meant technical superiority. Technical superiority meant military superiority. And military superiority meant that one civilisation could totally dominate another. What do they say? All’s fair in love and war. Love? He wasn’t going there tonight.

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