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Also note that the border is drawn on top of the canvas coordinate system. create_arc(xy, start=330, extent=30, fill="green") Pieslices and chords can be filled. Figure 13-1. Pieslice Example The bounding box of the scrollable area. If this option is not set, the scrolling is not bounded. Indicates that the user can use the Tab key to move to this widget. Default is an empty string, which means that the canvas accepts focus only if it has any keyboard bindings (default is off, in other words). ) ⇒ id Create a arc item enclosed by the given rectangle.

Do not redistribute! 1999-12-01 22:15 Chapter 25. The Font Class names() ⇒ list Chapter 26. The Frame Widget Get a list of the names of names of all user-defined fonts. Options A frame is rectangular region on the screen. The frame widget is mainly used as a geometry master for other widgets, or to provide padding between other widgets. The constructor and the config method supports the following options. When to use the Frame Widget Table 25-1. Font Options Option Type Description font font Font specifier (name, system font, or (family, size, style)-tuple).

For example, W (west) means that the widget should be aligned to the left cell border. W+E means that the widget should be stretched horizontally to fill the whole cell. W+E+N+S means that the widget should be expanded in both directions. Default is to center the widget in the cell. Set options for the given column (or row). To change this for a given widget, you have to call this method on the widget's parent. Table 27-1. Grid Manager Options Option Type Description minsize integer Defines the minimum size for the column (row).

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