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By John Vornholt

ISBN-10: 067188560X

ISBN-13: 9780671885601

The Bajoran shipyard is assigned to construct an engine for a brand new starship, a venture that could be instrumental in revitalizing the planet's war-ravished economic system. As Commander Sisko awaits the arriving of a tanker containing the antimatter that would energy the starship, a band of hijackers captures the super worthy shipment and escapes throughout the wormhole. whilst the hijacking spurs a political debate, significant Kira struggles to mediate the dispute among the opposing factions. in the meantime, Sisko makes a determined circulation to retrieve the antimatter. With the steadiness of the Bajoran economic system at stake, Sisko, Dax, and Odo infiltrate the hijackers, a flow that can have lethal outcomes for them and the planet Bajor.

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A double-paned window looked out upon a pair of robotic arc welders, which now sat quietly, their job over. Behind them, one of the gleaming nacelles of the Hannibal was visible, looking like a sleek silver fish. Natural light from above filtered into the immense pit, adding to the underwater illusion. Amkot's desk looked like a slab of black epoxy, although it was chipped and scratched in various places, as if it had spent several years in careless storage. His chair looked considerably more comfort- able than the one Sisko was sitting in.

Until then, he could enjoy the endless horizon and a respite from the rigors of commanding Deep Space Nine. "You're smiling," observed Kira. " "I'm just enjoying myself," Sisko admitted. "It's so peaceful out here--like being at the ends of the Earth. " "I knew you would enjoy it," said Kira with plea- sure. " "Best of all," said the commander, "I'm pleased that everything is going so well. Right on schedule. " Kira wrinkled the ridges on her nose and muttered something under her breath. " "It's that name.

The commander smiled puzzledly. "Odo, I'm not sure this is such a bright idea--chasing two Klingon Birds-of-Prey in a runabout. " "No, sir. I was the first one who predicted there would be trouble over this antimatter shipment. I feel as if this is my case. " Sisko nodded. "Count me in, too," said O'Brien. Sisko shook his head. "I'm sorry, Chief, but I need you here. If Dax and I were--delayed--we would need at least one ranking Federation officer here. " He turned to Kira. "That's it. Major, you are in charge until we get back.

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