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ISBN-13: 9780824832629

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Tao's grand plan start ed with increasing grain prod uction-by fi ve tons in th e fi rst yea r, ten tons in the seco nd, The End osure .. t and fifteen tons in the third, so that by the third year, total grai n prod uctio n would reach seventy-five to ns , This figure was beyond the team members' wild est dreams. Yet they did indeed increase production by five Io ns in Ihe firSI year, gelling a 10lal of fifly Ions. On the basis of this increase, they dared 10 imagine reachi ng seve ntyfive Ions.

This was where their house and enclosure were locate(J; the team also provided Granny Tao and young Tao with fo()(J rations. The team was their family, and its members, young and old , were their relatives. The team's fortunes were their fortunes, and its future, Iheir future They would sink or swim logelher. So Tao transferred Ihe energy thai he had put inlO Iheir house and garden to Ihe team's agricultural production First, he needed to find out what crops were planted where and why. He got a small plastic-cove red notebook, which he took everywhere with him, and made notes while he chatted to cadres and villagers.

They worked like a palm-leaf rain cape: when it rained, the water ran down off th e stalks and did not damage The End osure 21 the bricks underneath. The malting was usually woven rrom wheat straw. Like the thatch, it started off golden yellow and turned gray and then black. But never mind that A newly built house sho ne a brilliant gold from top to bottom. This is how most houses were built in Sanyu. Of course. poor families might skip some stages-for instance, the outside walls might not have s traw matting 2 The Taos had two advantages when they built their house.

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