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When you are simply beginning out in electronics or desire fresh . this can be THE ebook . really easy to appreciate . have to prepare for an easy digital examination . this can be THE e-book . nice publication , you will adore it . every little thing IS defined IN HUMAN phrases no longer advanced engineer phrases . it's a needs to personal for digital technicians .

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Note the totem-pole output stage is no longer present. off 0 Q4 X A B X 7409 C D C D Rpull-up 10K 0 A B +15V OUT Q4 +V CC 7433 output is grounded +5V Alternative gate representation +VCC Q3 D1 357 Vout +15V output "floats" Using a pull-up resistor with open collector logic gates. 7401 E F E F X = A B . C D . ( E+F ) Wired-AND logic: outputs of all three gates must float in order to get a HIGH output at X. 358 PRACTICAL ELECTRONICS FOR INVENTORS Another important feature of OC gates is their ability to sink large amounts of currents.

The binary weighing factors for each input are A = 2, B = 4, C = 8, D = 10, and E = 20. Because only 2 bits are available for the MSD BCD input, the largest BCD digit in that position is 3 (binary 11). To get a complete 8-bit BCD converter, you connect two 74184s together, as shown to the far right in Fig. 43. 44 shows a 74185 binary-to-BCD converter (encoder). It is essentially the same as the 74184 but in reverse. The figure shows 6-bit and 8-bit binary-to-BCD converter arrangements. 4 Binary Adders With a few logic gates you can create a circuit that adds binary numbers.

In the multiemitter input section, a multiemitter bipolar transistor Q1 acts like a two-input AND gate, while diodes D1 and D2 act as negative clamping diodes used to protect the inputs from any short-term negative input voltages that could damage the transistor. Q2 provides control and current boosting to the totem-pole output stage; when the output is high (1), Q4 is off (open) and Q3 is on (short). When the output is low (0), Q4 is on and Q3 is off. The lower figures show both a high and low output state, along with the approximate voltages present at various locations.

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