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The population for this study is all persons aged 15 and over living in private households in the respective countries and speaking the respective national language(s). In Switzerland the survey was carried out in the German and French speaking parts of the country; in the USA the population includes English speaking people in the 48 continental federal states of the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii); in Finland, Finnish speaking population was interviewed. Subject discussed included ownership and use of ICT equipment, use of the Internet and e-commerce activities, competence in the use of new media, questions on health and the Internet, the Internet and security concerns, e-government, telework, mobile work and other new ways of working, as well as further education and satisfaction with working conditions.

Gov: States, Businesses and an International Regime for Information Assurance, PhD Dissertation completed at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London, 2001 National Consumer Council, E-Commerce and Consumer Protection, August 2000 35 Benchmarking Security and Trust National Research Council, Trust in Cyberspace, Washington, DC, USA: National Academy Press, 1999 Robert Morgan and Shelby Hunt, ‘The Commitment-Trust Theory of Relationship Marketing’, The Journal of Marketing, vol. 3, July-September 1994 Stephanie Daman, Andrew Rathmell, Lorenzo Valeri, Information Risk: Implications for the Financial Sector, Study undertaken under contract to: Foresight Directorate Office of Science & Technology, Department of Trade & Industry –United Kingdom, Final report, 10 May 2002 Stephen Paul Marsh, Formalising Trust as a Computational Concept, PhD Dissertation completed at the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Stirling, April 1994.

Weighting by employment The data available on the distribution of employment over establishment size bands is very limited for most EU Member States. SIBIS used data from a variety of sources, including: - BT database (United Kingdom) - ISTAT Industry and Services Intermediate Census – latest available, 1996 (Italy) - National Statistical Service of Greece - latest available, 1995 (Greece) - SIREN (France) - Tilstokeskus Official Statistics (Finland) - Heins + Partner B-Pool (Germany) - Schober Business Pool (Spain) and adjusted using data from the DG Enterprise/ Eurostat SME Database (latest available, 1997), to estimate the establishment/ employment structure for each country in the sample.

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