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Bill—the excellent Starship Trooper: colossal, brawny, and brainwashed. Possessor of 2 correct palms (impressive in terms of saluting) and a foot that's threatening to show into whatever extra fitted to being an umbrella stand than whatever which may be squeezed right into a measurement eleven sneaker.

Bill—a ideal recruit for the great send Bounty, sure for the Chinger struggle and wearing a shipment of as great a firm of homicidal misfits and maniacs as you may desire to meet open air of a reformatory asylum (which is the place they have simply come from).

Bill, the Galactic Hero—he's again, he is undesirable, and he is approximately to satisfy the main hideous alien lifeform of his complete occupation. He'd do something to avoid wasting his dermis with out rocking the boat—but mutiny? at the Bounty?

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They say I have a violent personality, believe it or not. " "A corporal took me out to dinner. How romantic, I thought, I was so young and innocent. He embraced me, rained kisses on my fresh lips, ran his fingers down my ... that kind of thing. Filled with fear and trepidation I threatened to cut one of them off for him and he got a little upset. But would not desist. In self-defense I rejected his advances. He was out of his cast inside two months. I didn't do anything but protect myself. " "That sounds reasonable," Bill adjudicated.

Bill looked around. The android looked considerably more human than the captain, certainly saner. Which wouldn't take much. "Reporting for duty, sir," shouted Bill. " snorted the captain. "And keep the bowby decibels down. Repair shops don't have brigs. Those criminal prisoners are going to crew this vessel. And you're going to keep them in line and out of trouble, or I'll make a special brig for my so-called MP. " "Perfectly clear," said Bill, gathering up his crutches. "Show this Trooper to his quarters, Caine," said the captain.

Because your voice has not changed like the others and is still high and squeaky. Because you have sort of a pin head with small ears and eardrums. Because of that, you and you alone heard the bat that was admitted to this Great Hall as a test. " The Ceremony was tragic, turgid, illuminating, and fulfilling. Afterwards, when all the others had gone, Rambette stood before Drekk, under the brooding statue of Dingg-Bat, and Swore the Oath of Fealty, drank the Wine of Dingg, which made her head swim in giddy circles, then and only then, was she told the Secret of Secrets.

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