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By W. W. Eckenfelder and D. J. O'Connor (Auth.)

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2-14. Sludge growth at a constant B O D loading for a pulp and paper mill waste. constant will be influenced by the relationship between the 5-day BOD and the ultimate BOD. The results of Symons and McKinney (1958) would indicate that a will increase in the presence of insufficient nitrogen. Correlation of the data of Heukelekian et ai (1951) and Wuhrman (1954) on domestic sewage oxidation showed a to be 0-49 and 0-64 respectively. The a values for rag rope waste, cotton kiering waste and brewery waste were found by Heimers et ai (1951) to be 0-49, 0-67 ad 0-54 respectively.

FIG. 2-11. ). P R I N C I P L E S OF B I O L O G I C A L OXYGEN OXIDATION 39 UTILIZATION As has been shown in Equations (2-1) and (2-2) oxygen plays an essential role in aerobic biological treatment. For optimum efficiency, oxygen must be supplied at a rate equal to or greater than its rate of utilization. In the activated sludge process this is usually accomplished by diffusion from air bubbles injected into the liquidsludge mass under turbulent conditions. In trickling filters, oxygen is derived from air drawn into the bed due to the temperature gradient between the waste and the ambient air and from oxygen dissolved in the incoming waste.

Dissolved oxygen per unit galvanometer deflection. Oxygen utilization rate determined by this method only maintains the sludge in suspension during the test. If high turbulence levels occur in the treating unit from which the sludge is withdrawn the utilization rate as measured by this test may be low with respect to what actually occurs in the tank itself. This procedure may also be employed to determine the instantaneous oxygen content of aeration tanks by extrapolating the oxygen concentration-time curve to zero time.

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