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MC6821/D). , 1985. [6] Motorola Inc. M68HC11EVB Evaluation Board User’s Manual (Lit. No. M68HC11EVB/D1). , 1986. [7] Olney, Bruce L. ” Circuit Cellar INK 44 (1994): 22-29. [8] Swiger, Frank and Joe Glover. ” Circuit Cellar INK 24 (1991): 52-59. 34 Yerem: Build Your Own MC68HC11 Computer Trainer Appendix 1 - Master Parts List This is the master parts list for the prototype computer that was built. The quantity, manufacturer, manufacturer part number and general description is shown. Specific manufacturers aren't listed for easy to find generic parts.

Similarly, the Peripheral I/O Register allows you to read from and write to the I/O ports. A simple procedure for programming a port on the MC6821 is to: 1. 2. 3. 4. Set the DDR Access Bit in the Control Register to 0. Program the Data Direction Register. Set the DDR Access Bit in the Control Register to 1. Access the Peripheral I/O Register to read and write the I/O port. This procedure applies for both Port A and Port B. Once you have programmed the Data Direction Register, you probably will want to leave t h e DDR Access Bit set to 1 for the rest of the program.

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