Castle Roogna (Xanth Novels) by Piers Anthony PDF

By Piers Anthony

ISBN-10: 0345279255

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ISBN-13: 9780345350480

Millie, a ghost for 800 years wishes just one man--Jonathan, and he is a zombie. To end up himself, Magician Dor volunteers to get the potion which may fix Jonathan to complete lifestyles. yet he has to return via time to do it, to a peril-haunted, old Xanth, the place threat lurks at each turn....

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Dor, amazed, stepped forward. “Warm,” the ridge said. Dor stepped nervously into the circle normally commanded by the tangler. “Cool,” the ridge said. So the little ogre had steered just clear of the tree and gone on. A close call-for tyke and tree! But now the trail led toward the deep cleft of a nickelpede warren. Nickelpedes would gouge disks out of the flesh of anything, even an ogre. If-but then the trail veered away. The ridge subsided, but there were a number of inland rocks in this vicinity, and they served as well, and on the trail went, meandering past a routine assortment of Xanth horrors: a needle-cactus, the nest of a harpy, a poison spring, a man-eating violent flower - fortunately Smash had been no man, but an ogre, so the flower had turned purple in frustration - a patch of spear-grass with its speartips glinting evilly.

For Crunch massed as much as she did, and it would be redundant to specify the power-to-mass ratio of ogres. She was not up to this snuff, not even with a belly full of fuel. She never moved a muscle, petrified as if she had locked gazes with a gorgon. Now Smash advanced on one dragonet. ” he cried gleefully. He hauled on the tail, swung the dragon around, and hurled it carelessly against the far wall. The second little dragon opened its mouth and wafted out a small column of fire. Smash exhaled with such force that the steam rammed right back inside the dragon, who was immediately overcome by a heated fit of coughing.

That had special meaning too. Nymphs were ideally shaped female creatures of little intellect, useful primarily for man's passing entertainment. It was strange that Crombie had married one. But he had been under an omen of marriage, and Jewel was said to be a very special nymph, with unusual wit for the breed, who had an important job. Dor had asked his father about Jewel once, since none of the local artifacts knew about her, but Bink had answered evasively. That was part of the reason Dor didn't want to ask his father about Millie.

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