Walter Rauschenbusch's Christianity and the Social Crisis in the 21st Century: The PDF

By Walter Rauschenbusch

ISBN-10: 0061497266

ISBN-13: 9780061497261

The one hundredth Anniversary version of the vintage that modified the yank Church perpetually

released at first of the 20 th century, Christianity and the Social quandary is the epoch-making booklet that dramatically elevated the church’s imaginative and prescient of the way it may remodel the area. The a centesimal anniversary version updates this vintage with new essays by way of prime preachers and theologians.

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It is true that the progress of religion toward spirituality was sure to make religion more personal. But every new religious synthesis should contain all that was good and true in the old. If the religious value of the individual was being discovered, why should the religious value of the community be forgotten? As a matter of fact, this concentration of religious life in the individual was not a deliberate step of progress, freely taken, but was forced upon these men by dire necessity. Religion found the broad plains of national life destroyed and in possession of the enemy, and it retreated into the mountain fastnesses of individual soul-life.

The cities grew in size and importance. Rich men built stone houses and summer villas, and feasted daily on meat and wine, which the poor man tasted perchance thrice a year at the great feasts. Wealthy women robed their persons with the wealth wrung from the poor. As everywhere, this condition, when once created, tended to perpetuate itself and to guard against any reversal. The rich controlled the administration of the law. Priests and magistrates shared in the thirst for the most attractive of all narcotics—wealth.

Religion is the hallowing of all life, and its health-giving powers are always impaired if it is denied free access to some of the organs through which it fulfills its functions. Moreover, even with the prophets of the Exile, the restoration of the nation was the controlling desire. They insisted on personal holiness, not because that was the end of all religion, but because it was the condition and guarantee of national restoration. Personal religion was chiefly a means to an end; the end was social.

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