Mystic or deceit? How do ghosts help gamblers beat the casino?

Mystical stories Casino and gambling discussions have always been interesting at all times. This topic is covered with many mysteries and riddles. And how many myths about specific gambling, you just wonder at the wit and ingenuity of people. There are also mystical stories. Rumor has it that in some hotels that are built near the casino, you can find, strange as it sounds, ghosts. As a prime example, three builders died building the famous Luxor Casino pyramid. Of course, now no one goes into detail about the cause of their death. But many do claim that this place is cursed. And now there are ghosts of dead builders wandering the long corridors of the hotel. Mysticism is shrouded in the Las Vegas Hilton. Some eyewitnesses claim it was within the walls of this hotel that Elvis’ ghost was seen… And the Belagio Hotel saw Justin Pierce’s ghost. There’s a perception that he was staying in one of the rooms. Believe it or not, it’s up to you. But if you’re really uncomfortable, it’s certainly worth reserving the hotel. In addition, virtual casino Vulcan will allow you to enjoy a fascinating game, make real bets, sitting at home. So there […]

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How does a casino work?

And why is it an honest business where luck isn’t on your side anyway? The principle of operation of slot machines In the casino there are halls for slot machines. They are called slot machines or slots. They are easy to play: the slot screen spinning symbols, the player’s task – to collect the winning combination. You make a note, set the parameters of the game and make a bet. If several symbols are collected according to the specified parameters, you win. The symbols are collected by themselves according to the algorithm sewn into the slot: dexterity of hands and force of pressing do not affect the result. Casino activities in Russia are regulated by the law “On state regulation of the organization and conduct of gambling”. Briefly about how the slot machine: any slot machine is a computer with a screen and a few buttons. In the heart of this computer chip that decides whether you win now or not. His decision is tied in math, the internal configuration and a lot more different. The chip is made so that it was impossible to predict his behavior right now, but in the long run on a large number of […]