Mystic or deceit? How do ghosts help gamblers beat the casino?

Mystical stories

Casino and gambling discussions have always been interesting at all times. This topic is covered with many mysteries and riddles. And how many myths about specific gambling, you just wonder at the wit and ingenuity of people. There are also mystical stories. Rumor has it that in some hotels that are built near the casino, you can find, strange as it sounds, ghosts.

As a prime example, three builders died building the famous Luxor Casino pyramid. Of course, now no one goes into detail about the cause of their death. But many do claim that this place is cursed. And now there are ghosts of dead builders wandering the long corridors of the hotel.

Mysticism is shrouded in the Las Vegas Hilton. Some eyewitnesses claim it was within the walls of this hotel that Elvis’ ghost was seen… And the Belagio Hotel saw Justin Pierce’s ghost. There’s a perception that he was staying in one of the rooms. Believe it or not, it’s up to you. But if you’re really uncomfortable, it’s certainly worth reserving the hotel. In addition, virtual casino Vulcan will allow you to enjoy a fascinating game, make real bets, sitting at home. So there is no need to check into the hotel. Of course, if you are not worried about the fact that you have ghosts at home. But if you just do not have enough excitement, you can safely go on a mysterious and mysterious adventure.

The popular haunted casinos

Mysterious stories about unexplained phenomena in casinos are very popular among gamblers, because gamblers are superstitious people. They willingly believe that otherworldly forces can help to make a big score or vice versa prevent a successful game. Tales about ghosts in gambling houses become urban legends and attract new visitors to the casino. However, no one has ever been able to figure out the motives of the other visitors. Just like whether they really exist.

Two thousand to a phone account

The author of the book Ghosts of Madison told the story of a woman named Libby, who was helped to win the spirit of a gambling lover in poker. Charlie loved to vacation in Las Vegas during his lifetime. That’s why Libby decided to turn to him mentally when she crossed the threshold of the casino. The day before, the woman received a $2,000 phone bill. She was shocked and upset by this amount, because she had recently spent most of her savings on a trip with friends. Libby says she mentally asked Charlie, “Help me win to pay for the phone.” Most likely, the ghost of a lover heard her request. Libby chose poker, and just an hour later left the gambling house with $2,000 to pay the receipt and $200 for the nice little things for herself.

Libby told her story to her friend Verne. He was just on his way to Las Vegas for the weekend. Vern jokingly asked his friend to “lend” him Charlie for a few days. Libby went to the ghost again in her mind and asked him to go with Vern. The next day, the woman received a message. Vern wrote that he’d won $23,000 the night before.

A girl in an old-fashioned dress picks roulette

A story that happened near Hollywood could be a story for an exciting movie. A young man came to a casino in Los Angeles to have fun, but eventually he was left without money and fell asleep in a chair in the far corner of the arcade. The guest didn’t notice how empty the place was.

He woke up when he felt someone’s gaze on him. Gambler opened his eyes and saw a beautiful woman in an antique dress. The girl just looked at the player, and then also silently approached the roulette. The mechanism immediately went into action. A stranger was watching the wheel until it stopped, and then the ghost dissolved into the air. The man, having overcome his fear, came to the table and saw that there was a ball in one of the cells.

Nobody knows if it really happened or if the gembler just had a dream, but the story says that the visitor remembers the result. The next day, he bet on a number that he was told by the girl’s ghost and won a large sum.

Sweet couple at Bally Casino

Unlike a stranger from Los Angeles, the ghosts at Bally Casino in Las Vegas are not hospitable. They prefer to just scare visitors from time to time. Gamblers who believe in mysticism say that poltergeist is the soul of people who died in 1980 in a big fire at MGM entertainment complex.

The hotel and casino were incredibly popular with the players. The complex had 26 floors and 2084 hotel rooms. The MGM fire started in the early morning, when most of the guests were asleep, so many could not smell the smoke. The victims of the fire were 85 guests. Years later, the MGM opened the Bally entertainment complex on site. And a few months after the grand opening, people noticed a couple of ghosts in the middle of the gaming room. Poltergeist frightened the guests, forcing them to jump from their seats and run to the exit. From time to time, ghosts return, but people don’t react as quickly as they do.

In a way, ghosts have become the hallmark of Bally Casino. Many players come to the entertainment complex to meet the supernatural. It is likely that the translucent guests – only a clever trick marketing experts who are trying this way to draw attention to the gambling house.

Unconscious souls

Casino Bally is not the only place where ghosts live. The Principality of Monaco is shrouded in mystical haze. Once the dwarf state was the most popular meeting place for gamblers, but after the heyday of Las Vegas lost its leadership position. Nevertheless, Monaco still attracts a lot of tourists. And not least, mystical stories play a part in this. Trusting gemblers are loved to be frightened by stories about sublime souls. Once they were gamblers too, but because of the loss they committed suicide. In order not to scare away other visitors, the casino owners buried the bodies without funerals and crosses. Now angry ghosts roam the halls of old and new gambling houses in a desire for revenge.

Employees at the casino in Monaco support visitors’ faith in the city’s legends. Trustful players are told of a couple of newlyweds who have lost all their fortune and committed suicide. There is also the story of a wealthy American who shot himself at a gambling table after a grand failure and now roams the halls. The interest of the public is heated up by the surveillance video, which shows the silhouettes of ghosts.

Casino Players

How does a casino work?

And why is it an honest business where luck isn’t on your side anyway?

The principle of operation of slot machines

In the casino there are halls for slot machines. They are called slot machines or slots. They are easy to play: the slot screen spinning symbols, the player’s task – to collect the winning combination. You make a note, set the parameters of the game and make a bet. If several symbols are collected according to the specified parameters, you win. The symbols are collected by themselves according to the algorithm sewn into the slot: dexterity of hands and force of pressing do not affect the result.

Game play

Casino activities in Russia are regulated by the law “On state regulation of the organization and conduct of gambling”.

Briefly about how the slot machine: any slot machine is a computer with a screen and a few buttons. In the heart of this computer chip that decides whether you win now or not. His decision is tied in math, the internal configuration and a lot more different. The chip is made so that it was impossible to predict his behavior right now, but in the long run on a large number of games he gave a statistically predictable result.

Whether you win or not, the chip in the computer decides.

There were stories in the press about someone hacking into slot chips with special emitters. They said they were giving off some waves that would confuse the chip and make it pay for the winnings at a predictable moment. Even if that’s true, in Russia it’s a crime – if caught, they can go to jail.

There are a lot of slot machine models. They are different firms, whose names make sense only for casino owners. Regardless of the firm and origin of all machines must be certified for the game in Russia and have configurable game parameters available only to the casino.

Las Vegas DownTown Nevada

Still slot machines are divided by type of housing and different seating: aprite and slant top. On the apright machines monitor is installed almost vertically, at eye level; on the slant top – significantly tilted. The gameplay on the machines is the same. Decisive factor in choosing the slot machine for the player will be the game in which he plans to play. In the casino, where I worked, preferred the apraits. They were the most popular games, as well as mechanical, not electronic buttons. They were nicer to press.

For the player, machines differ in the quality of graphics, sound, execution of the body and buttons. Inside all machines – soulless semiconductors and many layers of protection. No “more successful” and “less successful” games on the machines do not exist.


The jackpot is a super prize on slot machines. If you’re very lucky, you don’t get the usual winnings, you get the “jackpot break”, which is a big megaprize. This is how casinos encourage players to spend time on slots. The jackpot can be fixed, progressive and secret.

Slots machine

A fixed jackpot is a jackpot whose amount is determined in advance. In order to win, a certain combination has to be assembled. It’s just a super prize, nothing interesting.

The progressive jackpot grows during the game. It is easily recognized by the scoreboard, which is placed over a group of slot machines. All machines in this group list a small percentage of each game in the total jackpot, then someone alone takes it.

Mystery, or “Mystery” jackpot – a random win that can be obtained by any player, regardless of the betting, the presence of a winning combination and compliance with any other conditions. The winner is determined randomly when the jackpot reaches a certain amount. The mystery jackpot budget can be allocated by the casino management: to encourage players or to encourage them to play more.

Can you beat the casino

Most of the jackpots and other casino winnings are not at the expense of the casino, but of the losses of other people. Almost any winnings at the slot machine means that you take the money that the slot machine fed the other players. And if you are promised to tell how to “bankrupt the casino,” do not believe it: either cheat you, or offer to cheat the casino. And both will not end well.

This does not prevent you from winning honestly, just do not think that you beat the casino in this way.

How do you pay your casino winnings

When you win at a modern casino, a mountain of coins doesn’t fall on you. Instead, the slot machine gives you a special coupon – TITO. You can exchange it for money or continue playing the same or another slot machine.

Many playeble cards on table

Large amounts of winnings can be cashed only with the help of slot hall staff. Depending on the situation and the payout amount, a slot super or shift manager can help. Before continuing with the payment, they can check with the CCTV department, check the setting of the slot machine. They need to make sure that the payout has been calculated correctly. After that, the employee accompanies the guest to the cash register and helps to get the winnings.

How does a casino make money at a slot machine?

The slot industry has an RTP indicator – return to player. This is the average percentage of money that the slot machine theoretically returns to players if you look at a long period of time. Casino earns on the difference between how many clients have contributed, and how many have taken.

RTP – how much the slot machine returns in the form of winnings. It is always less than 100%.

Casinos are advantageous for players to win more often, so they set a higher payout percentage than the law requires. For players in the premium sector RTP can be 94-96%. The remaining 4-6% of turnover is a “holding”, the earnings of the casino. In fact, it is a commission for the use of the machine. People put money in the car, the casino takes a small percentage, and give the rest as a win.

A special commission monitors how the casino slot machines work: each machine must be certified, have a special seal and documents. If the check finds out that the slot machine was replaced by a chip or underestimated RTP, the casino will have to pay a fine. For serious violations of the casino may be suspended for up to 90 days. Therefore, in legal gambling areas management carefully monitors compliance with the law.